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Pre-made blankets!

Hello! It's been a while since I've posted across my social medias and an even longer while since I lasted updated my website.. so here we are. today I updated the website, added a new blanket and thought why not create a blog post and talk about this blanket option?

So, you might already know, I offer custom made blankets on my website and Etsy, this is what started my business and these are great options because I love how people can personalise it by choosing from an array of colours and by choosing their own size, so that the blanket is perfect for them! I haven't stopped doing custom blankets but I have added the option of pre-made blankets, these are essentially a blanket I've made (with any of the types of wool I offer) already, so I chose the size and colour options, I then upload it to my website for someone to give it a good home. There will most likely only be one of each (at least when I first post it, if the colour proves popular then I'd maybe do more in the future) so once it's gone it's gone, but you can also always request for me to make you one the same if you miss out! What you see is what you get.

Due to these being ready made they will ship out to you a lot faster than the custom ones, so lead time would only be a couple of days for the UK! I've currently got three on the website & on Etsy ( ) these include:

- 1 x Green Stiped (in a 3 stripe pattern) made with Loopy Wool ideal as a lap/leg blanket or baby blanket

- 1 x Green Striped (in a 5 stripe pattern) same colours as the one above but slightly different pattern, made with Loopy Wool ideal as a lap/leg blanket or baby blanket

- 1 x Pumpkin Orange & Olive Green, perfect for autumn, made with Loopy Wool ideal as a small bed blanket, a runner, lap/leg blanket or baby blanket

Go check them out now! And stay tuned for some more coming soon (I have 2 already made and 3 to make!)

Thanks for reading and for your support!

Be kind & cosy,


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