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The Story of positivelyartsy

A small business started after being made redundant following the 2020 coronavirus lockdown. I discovered my passion for making chunky blankets mid 2020 and my head started spinning with colour combinations and more and more ideas. When I got made redundant it was the push I needed to start. I incorporated stickers as it's something I've always wanted to design and sell. There's other products coming. The reason I chose positivelyartsy as my business name is because I have so many interests and I knew I didn't just want to do one thins! I also wanted to spread positivity through my social media so.. positivelyartsy! My motto for my small business is "be kind & cosy" I love anything that is cosy (hot chocolate, candles, lights and of course blankets!) and I think everyone should be kind! Join me on this adventure, even if you don't purchase anything a follow on our Instagram or Facebook, a favourite on Etsy or some likes or comments on TikTok are greatly appreciated!

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