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As a small business owner there are a lot of expenses and if you're not a famous/popular small business that normally leads to some hard times/weeks/months. There's not a lot of profit in selling handmade items, most of the money goes back into making more items, but we do it because we love what we do. At least in my case, at the moment, my small business has to be a side hustle and I still need another job to get by. Consider this section my tip jar if you would like to donate anything, any donations here will be greatly appreciated!

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If you follow me anywhere on social media, thank you so much, you're supporting me and helping me reach my goals and achieve my dreams! Every follow, like, share, comment, favourite and of course purchase is very important to a small business and they mean so much to me, I'm always grateful no matter how many (or how few) I get! All my links are above or you can find them all together on my Linktree which is linked on most of my social media accounts. Thank you for coming on this journey with me!