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My name's Daytona and I run Positively Artsy, a small business that sells a variety of handmade items including home décor products, cosy blankets, personalised items and much more! You can shop my products on my Etsy store (PositivelyArtsyShop), follow along with me on social media (all linked above on 'Where to find me') and learn more about Positively Artsy here - this website will be a sort of blog where I talk about my shop, my products and give you an insight into the behind the scenes of this venture!

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My name is Daytona and I run Positively Artsy. I always knew I wanted to run a small business I just wasn't sure what I'd sell! In 2020 I tried my hand at knitting and although I didn't quite get along with knitting needles I discovered jumbo wool and found out I didn't need to use needles to make some super cosy chunky blankets, I made everyone in my family a blanket for Christmas but didn't want it to stop there, my head was spinning with all of the different colour combinations I could make, so in February 2021 I set up an Etsy shop to sell these handmade blankets - I now offer custom made and pre-made options. But there's so many other hobbies and crafts I wanted to try so why stop at blankets? I'm not a "one niche" or "one category of products" type of shop, I don't want to just settle on one product type so there will be a variety over on my Etsy shop, anything handmade that I enjoy making will be on there! I'm a person with a lot of different hobbies so it's only natural I enjoy making different crafts and not just sticking to one. I'm quite a shy and quiet person but I'm trying to be more outgoing and confident, to push myself out of that comfort zone in order to make better content and believe in myself and my talents that bit more! I enjoy writing so I'll be posting blog posts related to Positively Artsy and my products and I enjoy photography so I will also include photos on this website to showcase my products and the behind the scenes.

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